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Create a Dark Landscape Matte Painting with Photoshop

Hey PSDFANs, In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create a misty landscape matte painting with a dark castle. We’ll create a misty scene with the layered mountains and the light from afar. The main technique here is blending with adjustment layers, masking and brushes. There are something basic you should know about contrast, distance, intensity etc, and we’ll dive into all of those in today’s... [Read more]

Why You Should Design for Open Source

Jina Bolton lets the Christmas spirit of generosity and goodwill flow freely into open source projects in need of good design. It’s work free of charge, perhaps, but not for nothing. Originally posted here:  Why You Should Design for Open Source  Read More →

Collaborative Responsive Design Workflows

Sibylle Weber finds ways to make our workflows more collaborative, and advocates more positively asserting the benefits of responsive design to the people who matter: colleagues and clients. Read the original here: Collaborative Responsive Design Workflows  Read More →

Online Reputation Management, The Difference Expert Providers Make

Article provided by Reputation Stars Your online reputation has never been more important. When you want to get a good gauge on where you stand in terms of your name or your business, you should go on one of the popular search engines out there. Go on there, and just throw in the name of yourself or your business, and take a look and analyze the results. Once you do this, you want to start to really... [Read more]