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A History of Web Design

A History of Web Design

Tim-Berners Lee, a British engineer and computer programmer, is credited with doing something really special that most of us tech-savvy folks can really appreciate. Yes, with the help of a bunch of computer scientists who wanted to explore communication through computer networks in the early 80s at a European high energy physics research facility, he not only invented the World Wide Web but the first... [Read more]

List of Top Three Website Builders

List of Top Three Website Builders

What do HTML, PHP, ColdFusion, Java Server Pages and Active Server Pages have in common? They are languages that are used to design websites, and in most cases, are languages that a lot of tech-savvy people do not know how to use in order to build a website. So, what does one do if he does not have the time or the money to build a website nor does he have the know-how (read: languages) to do so. The... [Read more]

Aspects of Web Design

Aspects of Web Design

When it comes to building a website, there are some aspects that are universal no matter whether you use text or multimedia to convey your message. 1. Presentability After all, success (in terms of everything else in life) is determined by how well you combine style and substance, and in the case of a website, its overall appearance makes a big difference over websites that are either too dull or way... [Read more]

Create a Dark Landscape Matte Painting with Photoshop

Hey PSDFANs, In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create a misty landscape matte painting with a dark castle. We’ll create a misty scene with the layered mountains and the light from afar. The main technique here is blending with adjustment layers, masking and brushes. There are something basic you should know about contrast, distance, intensity etc, and we’ll dive into all of those in today’s... [Read more]

Create a Dark, Mysterious Photo Manipulation

Hey PSDFANs! Today’s tutorial will walk you through some essential manipulation, blending and colour matching techniques. In this lesson I’ll show you how you can convert a forest into a dark, foggy, ominous scene. You’ll learn how to work with shadows, lighting, adjustment layers, layer masks, dodge & burning and much more. Let’s get started What you will be creating Here’s look at... [Read more]

Cohesive UX

Cameron Moll brings the tenth 24 ways to a close with a look at the increasing need for common experiences across devices. Despite our differences, there are more things we share than divide us. Merry Christmas! Brought to you by Beanstalk. Celebrate shipping code again! With Beanstalk, your entire team can ship code as simple as git push. Original post: Cohesive UX  Read More →

Taglines and Truisms

Andrew Clarke poses the question, that if we’re all telling prospective clients that we’re crafting and designing delightful, beautiful and remarkable digital experiences, what marks any of us out? View post: Taglines and Truisms  Read More →

Integrating Contrast Checks in Your Web Workflow

Geri Coady bends low the Christmas tree branches with bright and contrasting baubles. This isn’t some gaudy seasonal distraction, though. It’s responsible accessibility advice you can work with throughout the year. View original here:  Integrating Contrast Checks in Your Web Workflow  Read More →