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A History of Web Design

A History of Web Design

Article Written by : Lo Cost Marketing Tim-Berners Lee, a British engineer and computer programmer, is credited with doing something really special that most of us tech-savvy folks can really appreciate. Yes, with the help of a bunch of computer scientists who wanted to explore communication through computer networks in the early 80s at a European high energy physics research facility, he not only... [Read more]

List of Top Three Website Builders

List of Top Three Website Builders

Article written by : Small Biz Web Shop What do HTML, PHP, ColdFusion, Java Server Pages and Active Server Pages have in common? They are languages that are used to design websites, and in most cases, are languages that a lot of tech-savvy people do not know how to use in order to build a website. So, what does one do if he does not have the time or the money to build a website nor does he have the... [Read more]

Aspects of Web Design

Aspects of Web Design

Article Written by : Visible Theory When it comes to building a website, there are some aspects that are universal no matter whether you use text or multimedia to convey your message. 1. Presentability After all, success (in terms of everything else in life) is determined by how well you combine style and substance, and in the case of a website, its overall appearance makes a big difference over websites... [Read more]

Image optimization basics for websites

One of the largest components of a page are images. If there are too many un-optimized images on a page, the page loading will suffer. Here are a couple of quick wins for optimizing the images on your site. The first and most important is to name and describe your images correctly. Google Image search accounts for 25% of web traffic to most sites and proper naming could result in a lot of traffic.... [Read more]

Important elements of web design

The purpose of proper web design is to highlight and place the focus of the user on the content. Web page content accounts for almost 90% of the information on the web, even with the popularity of video, so you can’t overstate the importance of presenting the text content effectively. Here are some key principles to follow when designing a web page with text content: The first key principle is to... [Read more]

The key characteristics of a good web host

There are tens of thousands of web hosts online. Most are resellers of the larger companies and directly sell their services under a different label. Which makes it even harder to choose between, because you might ultimately get the same hosting service from two different providers. The solution is to choose between only the larger providers. However, choosing is still not straightforward. Here are... [Read more]

Spammy Tactics to Avoid When Running a Blog

Article Written by : Merchant Account Central Google is always hunting for sites that it can classify as spammy. Although there is no direct confirmation, there are is both an automated and manual review of websites before they are marked as spammy. Sites flagged in the automated review are then queued for manual review if there is some uncertainty. Websites are then notified via Webmaster Tools (now... [Read more]

Common UI patterns in web design

Article Written by : How Merchant Accounts Work Design patterns have matured greatly in the last few years. There are probably two reasons behind this. First is the proliferation of responsive design. The second is the sheer popularity of WordPress and its theme market. In a way, there is very little left in the way innovation to be found in design for a multi-screen world. It would take a shift to... [Read more]