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Aspects of Web Design

March 17, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Article Written by : Visible Theory

When it comes to building a website, there are some aspects that are universal no matter whether you use text or multimedia to convey your message.

1. Presentability
After all, success (in terms of everything else in life) is determined by how well you combine style and substance, and in the case of a website, its overall appearance makes a big difference over websites that are either too dull or way too flashy. One way by which one can find this balance is by understanding the psychology of colors that has been used to great effect so far.


2. Purpose and Objectives of the Site
One must be very clear about the message that the site should convey along with clearly providing the information that the website intends to convey. Substance, in this case, goes hand in hand with the aforementioned style, and a degree of brevity and clarity is imperative to the success of its design.

3. Ease of use
What is the point if one cannot navigate through the site even if the above two points are well taken care of. Just ensure that a visitor does not have to click more than four times to get to a page as they will most likely look for another website that contains the same information, and just move on. Life is complicated as it is, so simplify and simplify!

Remember that the final objective of any website is to generate traffic, so these three aspect will either determine whether you achieve that or not.

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