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Important elements of web design

October 14, 2018 by · Leave a Comment 

rackalley3The purpose of proper web design is to highlight and place the focus of the user on the content. Web page content accounts for almost 90% of the information on the web, even with the popularity of video, so you can’t overstate the importance of presenting the text content effectively. Here are some key principles to follow when designing a web page with text content:

The first key principle is to avoid long lines of text. Long lines are hard to read and even harder to follow when the sentence flows on to a second line. When you limit the width of the text, you greatly enhance the readability of that sentence.

Avoid default fonts whenever possible. Most systems have default fonts that contain no styling whatsoever. Sans-serif fonts are the most appealing and setting fonts like Helvetica and Arial as the default is the easiest way to ensure that the text looks good.

Improving readability is all about getting the spacing right. Two important settings here are padding around the text, and the other is the line-height. There is no hard and fast rule or ratio here, but play around with different numbers and see what works best for your font/size combination.

Finally, color and contrast. One of the biggest issues with text readability on the web today is the lack of contrast. Sites like Google and Apple are guilty of insufficient contract in their text when their guidelines recommend otherwise.

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