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3 Tips to Build a Better Government Website

July 26, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

It goes without saying that citizens of any country expect engagement with the government to be just as those in the private sector.

This is why the way government agencies deliver information and services is vital as it can lead to a lack of trust, thanks to the dissatisfaction caused.

Without a doubt, this only happens by excellent website design. Here are 3 tips to build a better government website:

1: Administer user surveys

Instead of building the website from the “inside out”, take the “outside in” approach. The latter takes the user perspective into mind instead of just the agency’s needs. An extensive survey will establish what users want to accomplish when they visit the site. When you understand user goals, the tasks that they want to accomplish and audience preference, informed decisions can be made, in terms of website design.

2: Review web analytics

You can glean a large amount of information from web analytics. Some of these include content value, user behavior, the types of devices used as well as the entrance and exit points. By understanding user goals from these metrics, agencies will be able to build a better website as a result. Web analytics will also help you detect opportunities for subscriptions, form submissions and downloads and so on and so forth.

4: Responsive web design is a must

A common expectation of citizens from their government agencies is the access to high-quality government information and services at any given point and from any device too. Instead of creating separate websites, have one that will respond to a user’s preferences and will adjust accordingly to orientation, screensize and platform of the device. In other words, look at usineresponsive design.


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