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Revenge Porn Defined

Article by Fix Bad Reputation. Revenge porn could also be described as “non-consensual pornography”, as the perpetrators aren’t always motivated by revenge. Revenge porn can take all kinds of forms, from using a hidden camera to spy on someone in a compromising position to hacking phones or recording a sexual assault on a webcam. This category can also include images that someone obtains consensually... [Read more]

Upping Your Web Security Game

Guy Podjarny sounds a sober warning during our festivities, and gathers some winter fuel to help secure your apps and users from the web’s occasionally cruel frost. So mark his footsteps good, my friend, and tread thou in them boldly. Thou shalt find the hacker’s rage freeze thy site less coldly. When I started working in web security fifteen years ago, web development looked very different. The... [Read more]

How to Do a UX Review

Joe Leech offers a rundown on his UX review process, sharing tips about analysing data and creating personas, and setting out findings in a form that benefits clients. From quick wins to workshops, there are gifts here everyone will be grateful for. A UX review is where an expert goes through a website looking for usability and experience problems and makes recommendations on how to fix them. I’ve... [Read more]

SEO in 2015 – What to watch out for

Dave Collins reacquaints us with the benefits of SEO , cutting through the snake oil with the clove-scented satsuma zest of genuine techniques to help Google smartly bring your visitors calling. With luck, they won’t will be singing carols. So what do you think will change in SEO in 2015? Will Google make their algorithms tougher? This is probably a sure bet. Each year Google had been making it tougher... [Read more]

Online Shopping Carts Solutions

Written by Secure Net Shop Ecommerce solutions have been popping up fast lately. Online shopping is convenient for your customers and your business as it enables them to have easy access to your products and enables you to target them online. Choosing the right ecommerce cart software is not an easy task. This article will talk about choosing between cloud solutions or self hosted solutions. Cloud... [Read more]

Shopping Cart Security for Your Online Shop

By Secure Net Shop Do you run an online shop? Maybe it’s for your company or maybe the online store is your company. In either case, you probably have a lot of moving parts to juggle in order to keep your shop successful. However, that doesn’t mean that any one of these parts can go without the attention it needs—quite the opposite actually. One of the most important parts of any online shop... [Read more]

Three Tips for Boosting Engagement on Facebook

Most brands and companies have a Facebook presence, but too many of them aren’t connecting with customers and fans. If fans aren’t engaging with the brand through this portal, what’s the point? Facebook fans can be leveraged to provide brands with valuable feedback, so companies should strive to maintain free-flowing conversation with those individuals. With this in mind, here are three... [Read more]

Improve your Trade Show Displays

When you think about a trade show, what comes to mind? If you are thinking in the marketing sense, you may be thinking about trade show displays and retail displays for your business. This is completely understandable, as you see many businesses using these marketing tools to present themselves to potential clients and customers at a trade show. One good thing about having these tools is that they... [Read more]

Landing Page Design Tips

Article Submited by Pierre Zarokian, CEO of Submit Express The one sure way to mess up a marketing campaign would be the landing page. Primarily the mismatch message after they are taken to the website. This fundamental item causes frequent failure in peoples campaigns and costing them money off the table. The proper initial message match is when the copy or offer in your ads maintains momentum throughout... [Read more]

A History of Web Design

A History of Web Design

Tim-Berners Lee, a British engineer and computer programmer, is credited with doing something really special that most of us tech-savvy folks can really appreciate. Yes, with the help of a bunch of computer scientists who wanted to explore communication through computer networks in the early 80s at a European high energy physics research facility, he not only invented the World Wide Web but the first... [Read more]

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