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Decrease loading times with these simple tips

April 26, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

Article Written by : Merchant Capital Inc

Over the last decade, web pages have been getting bigger and bigger. In the past a web page was mostly text and whatever images were part of the content. Soon after, there were ads but even those were small, non-animated and were hosted on the same site. Now the typical page is as big as 3MB, which was the size of the original Doom game. Here are a few ways to speed up your website and decrease loading times:


There are plugins for most of the popular CMS that will automatically minify existing content. This brings about a loading and processing speed improvement.

Image optimization

The biggest culprits in terms of file size on web pages are images. There is almost no optimization going into images. Often the images are far too large and could be a lot smaller to fit into the same space on the page.


The more analytics services used, the more JavaScript there is to load from third party servers. If possible, only use a single analytics provider.


Another culprit are ad networks. Keep the number of connections low by utilizing only a single Ad network. At least then there will only be connections to one companies’ servers. The most efficient would be to negotiate direct Ads and host them on the same site.


Use a CDN to ensure that the benefits of these optimized elements are enjoyed by everyone. Content delivery networks use distributed servers to provide your visitors the content from the closest possible server.


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