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List of Top Three Website Builders

April 17, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Article written by : Small Biz Web Shop

What do HTML, PHP, ColdFusion, Java Server Pages and Active Server Pages have in common?

They are languages that are used to design websites, and in most cases, are languages that a lot of tech-savvy people do not know how to use in order to build a website. So, what does one do if he does not have the time or the money to build a website nor does he have the know-how (read: languages) to do so.

web building

The answer is really very simple. He or she uses a website builder.

So what is a website builder? A website builder is an application provided by web hosting companies to providers who can use it to build their own website in a few minutes.

Does this sound too good to be true?

No, as several websites on the internet today have been built using website builders and without the help of a website developer. And so, here are the top three website builders:

1) Yahoo Site Solution
Built to cater to small business owners, the Yahoo Site Solution is a website builder that has easy templates and is priced competitively.

2) Web.com
Easy-to-use while also providing reliable hosting, Web.com provides its users with decent templates and the drag-and-drop functionality so that one can build a good website.

3) Homestead Quick Sites
Offering a free trial period during which one has access to 2000 templates, 250,000 pictures and customization of the website at every level, making a website using Homestead Quick Sites can be completed with a few clicks.