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A History of Web Design

June 17, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Article Written by : Lo Cost Marketing
Tim-Berners Lee, a British engineer and computer programmer, is credited with doing something really special that most of us tech-savvy folks can really appreciate. Yes, with the help of a bunch of computer scientists who wanted to explore communication through computer networks in the early 80s at a European high energy physics research facility, he not only invented the World Wide Web but the first website as well.

The objective of the setup designed by Tim-Berners Lee was two-fold: to create the ability to link academic papers electronically as well as create a platform where these scientists at CERN could communicate with ease and quickly with other experts at other labs around the world.


Tim worked on the standard hypertext language protocol (HTML) and the first web browser that converted the information into screen-based text. And only two decades later, it has literally exploded and revolutionized how we view technology as well as how we live our lives, in a world where the Internet is no longer considered a ‘want’ but, a need.

When it comes to web design aspects, the earliest web sites were developed with basic HTML (classified as a markup language later with versions such as XHTML and XML) but has evolved rapidly while also incorporating Style Sheet languages, Client-side and server-side scripting, database and multimedia technologies in today’s world.

With the growing awareness of the power that the Internet offers its users, web design has changed to a profession that requires not just an understanding of programming but as a complete skill set that is involved in presenting content deftly through the medium of the World Wide Web.